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Don't just wrap it



A varied range of food wrapping papers for use in delis, farm shops, bakers, butchers, fishmongers, cafes and restaurants.  

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Use our papers for...

Enhance your business with our pre-printed Deliwrap designs, or better still have your own branding printed!

Available in sheets, reels and bags.



“Branding” is defined as “the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol in order to advertise its products and services.” However branding is...



Our Deliwraps bleached kraft paper is purchased from sustainable sources, carries accreditation to the Foresty Stewardship Council standard and is made from virgin pulp. This ensures its...



We have created a list of typical food products that you would use our food wrappers for. There are a variety...


About us

Deliwraps have been producing specialist wrapping papers for the food sector for over 30 years.


We are a 2nd generation family business and take personal pride in delivering a consistently high standard of product and service into many demanding applications.


We work to BRC standards and all our food wrapping papers are bought from renewable sources, are biodegradable and most are compostable.

In these times of seeing too much plastic and polythene being used for packaging, a lot of which is unprinted and does not carry your brand image, the issue of disposing of packaging is more and more important.


We use water based printing inks which are approved for use in food packaging. High standards of hygiene are maintained in our manufacturing process with the handling of the papers, the waxes and the inks.


We look to achieve the same levels of hygiene in our manufacturing process as you achieve in preparing and retailing your products.

About Us
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