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A brown waxed paper mainly used as a general food wrapper. This grade of waxed paper has slightly better grease barrier properties than the white waxed papers we offer, this is due to the overall weight of the paper. It can be used to wrap some cheeses and low grease items, however may not be suitable for wrapping high moisture foods. Due to it's "natural" colour, the Deliwraps WK50 waxed paper is becoming a popular alternative to the range of white waxed papers.


The brown waxed paper is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the white or semi transparent white waxed paper mainly due to its ‘natural’ brown appearance. It is a good general food wrapper suitable for wrapping charcuterie items, sandwiches and baguettes. This particular grade of waxed paper does not have any moisture barrier properties so would not be suitable for wrapping fresh meat, fish and other foods with a high moisture content. Its overall performance is slightly better than the two grades of white waxed paper due to a slightly heavier wax coating which gives a better grease barrier. The brown waxed paper is good for wrapping low grease items and some cheeses.

WK50 Deliwraps

  • 5 or more packs at £34.00 per pack
    10 or more packs at £30.00 per pack
    Size: 250mm x 375mm
    1000 sheets per pack

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