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Cheese Wrap is a biodegradable, high performance and versatile waxed paper with excellent grease and moisture barrier properties. Cheese Wrap is mainly used for wrapping cheese and other foods with a high moisture content. Cheese Wrap is a high opacity white waxed paper with 'wet strength' properties so will not soften or break apart when in direct contact with high moisture cheeses, i.e. blue cheese or soft cheeses etc. This premium grade of waxed paper is also used for wrapping raw meat and fish, however it also has other wider applications, for example wrapping chocolate and other greasy or fatty foods.

Waxed cheese wrap is a one size fits all grade of paper that can be used right across a wide range of different foods. See meat wrap or fish wrap for more details.

WS60 Cheese Wrap

SKU: WS60 Cheese
  • 5 or more packs at £40.00 per pack
    10 or more packs at £36.00 per pack

    Size: 250mm x 375mm
    1000 sheets per pack

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