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PE coated tissue paper, or polyethylene coated tissue paper, is a very popular grade of paper used in the fast food or food to go sector. PE coated tissue paper is a lightweight paper that has a PE, or polyethylene coating on one side which gives the paper good grease and moisture barrier properties. The un coated side offers a good surface for sticking labels to making this product great for wrapping. More recently butchers and fishmongers have been using this product. It is not really suitable for wrapping cheese or other food items that are required to breath.


The polyethylene or PE coated tissue paper is a lightweight paper with good grease barrier properties. It is ideal for wrapping greasy or oily foods. A good example of this paper in use is burger wrapping paper within the fast food industry. This product would not be suitable for use in a butchers or fishmongers due to the weight and strength of the paper.

PT35 PE Tissue

  • 5 or more packs at £33.00 per pack
    10 or more packs at £31.00 per pack

    Size: 250mm x 375mm
    1000 sheets per pack

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