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Meat Wrap or Fish Wrap is also supplied as a PE coated paper, or PE coated bleached kraft (polyethylene coated bleached kraft) and is an alternative to the waxed paper version (WS60 product code). PE coated bleached kraft is similar in look and feel to PE coated tissue paper, however it is a heavier paper and offers better performance. Widely used in the raw food sector, PE coated bleached kraft can also be heat sealed. The polyethylene coating on one side gives the paper good grease and moisture barrier properties and the un coated side offers a good surface for sticking labels to, making this product great for wrapping joints of beef or fish etc.

PK50 Meat Wrap and Fish Wrap

  • 5 or more packs at £36.00 per pack
    10 or more packs at £34.00 per pack

    Size: 250mm x 375mm
    1000 sheets per pack

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