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Greaseproof paper has good grease barrier properties and is widely used throughout the food industry. Greaseproof paper is used for wrapping food items, serving food on and for lining baskets or containers when serving chips and other food items. Greaseproof paper is a good all round food paper, however it does not have the same look and feel as a waxed paper. We offer white and brown greaseproof paper. Our white greaseproof paper is available with a red Gingham design and our brown greaseproof paper is available in our gold text design.


Grease barrier papers are available in two different types of paper. A grease proof paper or a vegetable parchment.

Greaseproof paper has good grease barrier properties, this particular grade of greaseproof paper is good for wrapping general pâtisserie and bakery items and also food that is not in contact with the paper for extended periods of time. A good example of this product in use is in the fast food industry where portions of fries are served in greaseproof paper bags.

GRB40 Brown Greaseproof Paper

  • 5 or more packs at £30.00 per pack
    10 or more packs at £28.00 per pack

    Size: 250mm x 375mm
    1000 sheets per pack

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