Which paper is best for me?

If you are unsure which type of paper will best suit your needs then please take a look at our recommendations. There may be an overlap of some products and their uses so if you are still unsure please call us on 08456 445 044 and we can discuss your requirements in more detail. 

Suitable papers for various food types

Food Type

Greeseproof Paper (GR38)

Loaf of Bread


Bread Rolls




Pork Pies

Sausage Rolls


Chips & Fries


Sticky Buns





Sandwiches & Baps

Cooked Meats

Cured Meats


Deliwraps (HO50)

Deliwraps (LO45)

Deliwraps (LO60)

Deliwraps (WK50)

Grab Sheet (GS30)

PE Coated Tissue Paper (PT35)

Branded product types

The growing trend in local high street delis and specialist food shops is filling a gap in the market place which is not satisfied by the supermarkets.  These specialist shops can provide personal service and expertise based on a knowledge and passion for a variety of food products which are normally only available abroad.  They are often bursting at the seams with a wonderful cornucopia of fine foods and delicacies, but may only be frequented by a relatively small number of discerning customers.  It is important, therefore, for small businesses of this kind to not only maintain their loyal customers, but also to attract and encourage new customers too.  

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