The Importance Of Branding

“Branding” is defined as “the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol in order to advertise its products and services.”  However, branding is a valuable business tool that is too often not appreciated for its worth!  Most large multi-national companies have departments and staff dedicated to marketing and branding their products, so it is not surprising, then, that smaller businesses may think that branding is only for those companies with large marketing budgets.  Branding should not be dismissed as an unaffordable luxury since creating and managing a brand can cost as little or as much as you want it to!

The growing trend in local high street delis and specialist food shops is filling a gap in the market place which is not satisfied by the supermarkets.  These specialist shops can provide personal service and expertise based on a knowledge and passion for a variety of food products which are normally only available abroad.  They are often bursting at the seams with a wonderful cornucopia of fine foods and delicacies, but may only be frequented by a relatively small number of discerning customers.  It is important, therefore, for small businesses of this kind to not only maintain their loyal customers, but also to attract and encourage new customers too.  Once a new business has defined its brand values, and the needs and expectations of its customers, it can then start to build on its brand by consistently communicating its brand values.  Every possible contact with a customer or potential customer needs to reinforce the brand values.  Packaging like Deliwraps, therefore, can be used to both protect products and promote a business by carrying the name, logo, slogan or contact details etc. of the business.
Paper in particular is a natural, versatile and environmentally responsible packaging medium, offering a traditional and “wholesome” appearance.   Combining different waxes with different base papers can create packaging products which can be “engineered” to protect against the fats, oils and moisture present in most deli-type products.  Also, different base papers, when waxed, can produce interesting semi-transparent or opaque effects.   Paper is the ideal substrate for print and a simple one colour repeat design can make even simple packaging stand out from plain un-branded packaging.  Printed waxed paper packaging, Deliwraps, does not require a large budget, and can be made in small or large quantities and carry as much or as little information as required. Customers will find it helpful to see a visual representation of what the brand they are purchasing means, and will quickly start to recognise a product by its own unique brand image.  If you use packaging, then brand it with the help of Deliwraps - because your business is worth it!